Aluminum Formwork Companies in Vietnam (05/2023)

Aluminum Formwork market is increasingly popular in many Asian countries such as India, Malaysia, China, Korea, … including Vietnam.

Do you want to know how many Aluminum Formwork companies are present in Vietnam?

This article, I will help you to list.

Note: The content below is not intended to be an evaluation or a recommendation for any individual or organization.

The list of Aluminum Formwork Companies in Vietnam

As observed in recent years, the following are the companies that have a large market share in the Vietnamese aluminum formwork market:

1. Kumkang Kind Vietnam Co., Ltd

A subsidiary of Kumkang Kind Korea (KKK). One of the leading companies in Aluminum Formwork in Korea.

The reason I put this company first is because according to research, Kumkang Aluminum Formwork is really reputable, has the largest coverage and market share in Vietnam.

Officially entering Vietnam in mid-2010. Over the past years, Kumkang has designed and provided hundreds of projects. And is one of the first choices of leading contractors such as Coteccons Group, Hoa Binh, Central, Cofico, An Phong, Lanmak, ..

In April 2019, Kumkang Kind Vietnam started the construction of an Aluminum Formwork Factory in Nhon Trach, Dong Nai province.

This is considered the factory with the largest capacity in the system and will supply the Vietnamese market and other countries in the region.

2. S-Form Vietnam Co., Ltd

Also a large formwork company in Korea. Entered Vietnam in 2010.

S-Form (former name Sammok,) is a large company in the industry, with branches in countries such as India, Malaysia, China, Brazil, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Indonesia, Philippines, Iran, Sri Lanka, … , Vietnam.

In Vietnam, S-Form Vietnam also achieved certain achievements.

Although in the past, each market share was quite large in the North region, but recently S-Form is aiming to develop to neighboring countries such as India, Malaysia, etc.

Therefore, VN was chosen as the gathering place of hundreds of aluminum formwork design engineers, specializing in designing projects in both Korea, India, and overseas markets of S-Form.

3. Hyundai Aluminum Vina

This is a subsidiary of a multidisciplinary corporation come from the land of kimchi. Like other Chaebol, Hyundai invests in most “money-making” areas.

Hyundai Aluminum Vina was established by the cooperation of Aluko Co., Ltd, Hyundai Aluminum Co., Ltd and Gogang Aluminum Co., Ltd.

In Vietnam, Hyundai Aluminum Vina can also be called a “cheek number.” Aluminum Formwork (Aluko) is no exception.

The aluminum manufacturing factory in our country (Hung Yen, Thai Nguyen, Binh Duong) with the leading capacity in the region has created a significant competitive advantage for Hyundai Aluminum Formwork in the Vietnamese market.

4. Vietnam GS Industry, Llc (VGSI)

In Korea, the name GS ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION is not too strange. Even famous in the construction world.

In 5/219, Vietnam GS Industry (VGSI) decided to build a factory to manufacture Aluminum Formwork and elevator in Nhon Trach.

Of course, they do not ignore the Vietnamese Aluminum Formwork market.

Especially GS is going to deploy many super real estate projects in Vietnam, this lucrative “bait” will attract big contractors in our country.

Hope that GS will reset the “rules of the game” Aluminum Formwork.

5. Saki Corp

Update: Saki has now stopped developing the Aluminum Formwork array.

Listening to the name, many people believe that this is a Japanese company.

But no, it’s original Vietnam. As for the technology and technology of any country, I cannot reveal it.

Starting in the “game” since 2016, Saki also made an impression on her loyal customers. Before that, Saki had a certain reputation in the field of scaffolding, construction machinery, …

In order to compete with international competitors, Saki is not afraid to invest in building factories and processing lines of aluminum formwork in Binh Duong and Ha Nam.

Hopefully, with his ambition, Saki Aluminum Formwork can stand shoulder to shoulder with big competitors like Kumkang, Sammok, Hyundai, ..

6. BM Windows, Jsc

Update: BM Form has now stopped developing the Aluminum Formwork array.

Starting point is a member of the Coteccons Group, established in early 2017. With its position, it can be said that BM Windows is a formidable competitor. Make the sales of the big guys decline.

The pioneer is in aluminum and glass, but BM Windows can also design, maintain and process Aluminum Formwork by itself to supply some Coteccons projects.

BM Forms is the name for the Aluminum Formwork, scaffolding and Gang form array of BM Windows.

7. Anh Viet Mechanical and Aluminum Glass Corporation (AVA)

An aluminum and glass mechanical company established in 1993 under the name Anhui Construction Limited (AHA).

Then became a member of Hoa Binh (HBC group) in 1997. As the main unit in construction of aluminum and glass, facades for HBC projects as general contractor.

April 2017 changed its name to Anh Viet Mechanical and Aluminum Glass Joint Stock Company (AVA). In 2018, AVA entered the Aluminum Formwork playground.

With more than 20 years of development with technical infrastructure and support from HBC, it can be said that AVA will confirm its position. At least not a small competitor of other units when they can supply to Hoa Binh parent company.

8. Solution Formwork Korea Co., Ltd (SFK)

A Korean company, has a representative office in Vietnam since March 2016. And have executed a number of projects in Hanoi.

They choose to provide solutions similar to other welding companies such as: Aluminum formwork, gang form, and accessories.

I think that the companies that provide Aluminum Formwork Systems solutions mentioned above are the most prominent, besides there are a number of other companies:

9. Star Construction Trading & Service Co., Ltd

Mechanical processing and manufacturing company.

But recently they have also expanded into Aluminum Formwork machining and maintenance.

They focus mainly on he small and medium market.

10. Seobo Industrial Co., Ltd (Korea

Another Korean Aluminum Formwork company.

Officially setting up a representative office in Hanoi from April 2019, Seobo has approached the Vietnamese market in the form of formwork such as Gang Form, Euro Form, .. and a number of projects providing Aluminum Formwork.

Their pricing strategy is also quite competitive.

11. Daehan Vietnam Co., Ltd

Under Korea Daehan Group.

Specializes in manufacturing and supplying products such as Euro form, scaffolding, support tree, hoist, steel-frame staging, jacks of all kinds, wall formwork, column, gang form … in Vietnam market.

In my opinion, they encroached on Alu Form of course.

Recently they have provided Gang form for many big projects in Vietnam.

12. Miretech Vietnam Co., Ltd

Another Korean company.

Miretech is a big name in the world of suppliers of aluminum formwork and cast iron accessories in Korea. Some of the leading formwork manufacturers import products from them.

The 2016 handshake between Miretech and Aluforms (the US Aluminum Formwork company) has caused the Kim Chi Aluminum Formwork market to wobble.

And the appearance of Miretech at the exhibition VIETBUILD (Hanoi, HCM 2019) will officially mark the presence of Mire in Vietnam.

The Aluminum Formwork market is now even more exciting.

13. Khải Minh Production and Trading Services Joint Stock Company (KMICO)

KMICO was established in 2019 with the main business area of providing construction accessories such as scaffolding, support systems, etc.

Next, the company also provides Aluminum Formwork accessories, iron formwork accessories, and officially entered the aluminum formwork market in 2021.

From my research, Khải Minh’s aluminum formwork is quite similar to Saki and some domestic companies.

With the hope of competing on price and focusing on the niche market, Khải Minh aims to establish a foothold in the aluminum formwork market.

14. QH Form Company Limited

QH Form is a new name, established in 2022 by individuals in the industry, with the main business area being aluminum formwork.

Born in the context of a difficult economy and with many domestic aluminum formwork companies stopping production, QH Form may have defined its own goals and vision.

By focusing on optimizing the production and processing of aluminum formwork and accessories, QH Form believes that its products have many outstanding advantages and are more cost-effective for customers.

Who knows, QH Form may become a heavyweight competitor in the future.


The information contained in this article is based on personal opinion. So it is difficult to avoid shortcomings.

If you have any other comments or information please post a comment for everyone to share.

I will update and supplement.

Which of these companies do you know?

Or are you working, cooperating with any of them?

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